4th of July Committee

If you would like to become a member of the committee, have any questions or to become a sponsor, please contact us at: Margery Parcher Fund, P.O. Box 1743, Duxbury, MA 02331 or at: info@duxbury4thofjuly.com.

Co-Chairs: Jamie McNab & Stu Ruggles
Treasurer: Chris Barry
Secretary: Barbara Cleary
Fundraising: Nancy Reed
Publicity: Lynne Lenhardt
Website: Rich Potash
Social Media: Katy Gaenicke
Politician Liason: Stu Ruggles
Bands/Entertainment: Janet Skaggs, Katy Gaenicke, Nancy Reed
Judging: Katy Gaenicke, Andrea Doherty
Parade Starter: Amy Hill
Floats: Janet Ritch, Barbara Munsey
Anitque Cars: Jeff Goldman, Chris Barry

Beach Party Logistics: Jamie MacNab, Brian Hill, Stu Ruggles, & Rich Potash
Bands: Jamie MacNab, Stu Ruggles, Nancy Reed
MC: Brian Hil

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