Can we Keep this Great Tradition Going?

Do you realize the Duxbury parade is one of the longest continuous 4th of July parade in the USA? And that less than 3% of the households in Duxbury make any contribution to the support of the parade? Please donate to keep this proud and enjoyable tradition going.

Each year the cost of the Parade and weekend events have increased and to continue means finding monies to secure bands, entertainers and all the other costs associated with the 4th of July celebration.

It's your parade... please keep it going!

The Fourth of July Activities Committee are dedicated to keeping this wonderful event going, but we need your financial support to do this.

Donate to the Margery Parcher Fund!

It's only with your support that we can provide the people of Duxbury with these wonderful events. Margery Parcher Fund - PO Box 1743, Duxbury, MA 02331 or ONLINE. Note: After entering your name and donation amount, click the Add to Cart button. From the Billing Information section, you can use the Checkout as Guest button to skip creating an account.

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